The Nature of Magic

Magic is, simply put, an unexplained force that causes changes in the natural state of the universe: that is, it is a force capable of breaking any Law of matter, energy, time or space. Magic itself is a formless ‘material’ without shape, volume or amount-it is a seemingly infinite ‘energy’. Spells normally draw on mana, particles of energy that have have absorbed magic and thus do not follow the natural functions of energy. Spells are ‘woven’ using ‘threads’ of mana into complex and specific shapes, combinations and so on. Spells are divided into three main types:

Spindle Magic

Spindle magic is the form of magic that is drawn from other beings or powers; priests that draw on the power of deities, druids that summon might from the natural world, pact-makers who are granted strength from their masters. Spindle magic users have little magic of their own; they let their chosen source flow through them and they, like a spindle that the threads of magic are drawn by, merely refine and redirect it.

Thread Magic

Thread magic is the form of magic that is drawn from ambient mana by weaving it into complex formulas. Wizards, sorcerers and all magic users who use rituals, chants and materials to cast spells fall under this category. They have little magic of their own, but their skill and knowledge is completely theirs. Just as threads are woven from outer sources into a cloth, so, too, do thread magic users weave magic into spells with ritual and formula.

Wheel Magic

Wheel magic is the form of magic that is drawn from an understanding and manipulation of magic. Psions, the prime example, manipulate magic by their own power into spells through understanding and knowledge. They have much magical power and skill of their own. Just as a wheel is used spin the threads into a shape, so do wheel magic users spin and move the cloth by their own power.

Each of these types of magic have its own subdivision within the Hyrulian Mages Guild; the Spindle Magic Guild, the Thread Magic Guild, and the Wheel Magic Guild.

In addition there is a ‘fourth’ type of magic-innate magic, magic that is wielded naturally, magic that is as much a part of the user as his/her/its own flesh. Innate magic cannot really be effectively categorized because of its erratic, individualistic nature. Perhaps the greatest example of innate magic are Fey, the fairies. These beings are home to a bizarre realm where magic is the norm and the mundane rare-as are they and their abilities.


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