Elemental Races

Gerudo, the bronze-skinned women thieves and bandits of the desert. They are the race of Spirit.

Goron, the large rock-eaters and volcano-dwellers. They are the race of Fire.

Hyrulian, the pale-skinned human race that dominates most of the world. They are the race of Light and Darkness.

Kokiri, the forest children with fairy companions. They are the race of Forest.

Korok, tiny tree-like beings who tend to the earth and forests. They are the race of Earth.

Rito, the birdman people who travel across the world as postmen. They are the race of Wind.

Twili, a mortal race infused with the stuff of twilight. They are the race of Shadow.

Zora, the ambphibious fishman people in the rivers and seas. They are the race of Water.

Non-Elemental Races

Deku Scrub, a hardy, intelligent shrubbery-creature. They are industrious plants who scrape out a living in both the wild and in the city.

Goblins, a family of largely nonmagical fey. They are stumpy, irritable and brutish creatures who live in great numbers in the north.

Oocca, a small birdman race from ancient mythology. They are small, weak flyers with great magical understanding. They live in any appreciable amount only in the City in the Sky.

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