The following classes from the official Dungeons and Dragons core and supplemental books:

Arcane Trickster-Dungeon Masters Guide
Archmage-Dungeon Masters Guide
Ardent*-Complete Psionic
Artificer-Ebberon Campaign Setting
Bard-Players Handbook
Barbarian-Players Handbook
Cleric-Players Handbook
Dragon Lord-Dragon Magic
Druid-Players Handbook
Duskblade-Players Handbook 2
Eldritch Knight-Dungeon Masters Guide
Erudite*(Psion Variant)-Complete Psionic
Fighter-Players Handbook
Hexblade-Players Handbook 2
Incandescent Champion-Magic of Incarnum
Knight-Players Handbook 2
Monk-Players Handbook
Paladin-Players Handbook
Psion*-Expanded Psionics Handbook
Ranger-Players Handbook
Rogue-Players Handbook
Shadowcaster-Tome of Magic
Sorcerer-Players Handbook
Soulblade-Magic of Incarnum
Soulknife*-Expanded Psionics Handbook
Swashbuckler-Complete Adventurer
Tempest-Complete Warrior
True Necromancer-Libris Mortis
Warlock-Complete Arcane
Wilder*-Expanded Psionics Handbook
Wizard-Players Handbook

*Psionics do not exist in the world of Hyrule. Instead, these are simply changed to magical classes and abilities

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