The Triforce

The sacred triangles made of the three golden goddesses' essence


Three perfect golden triangles float in the air, each meeting the other two at the tips. They glow with a holy golden radiance.

Anyone who touches the recompleted full Triforce will have any one wish granted.


The Triforce is a relic of unimaginable power, containing the essence of the three golden goddesses themselves, left behind upon their departure from the world. The Triforce is the center of the Sacred Realm and was sealed away at the end of the Dawn War.
It was said that if a person with each of the the Three Virtues, Power, Wisdom and Courage, equal and balanced in his heart, the Triforce would hear any one wish, and the gods themselves must fulfil it. But should it ever be touched by one with these three virtues not in balance, it would split, and only the one strongest in him would remain. It was also said that if the one of made a wish with the Triforce was pure of heart, then the world would become pure and good. But if the one who touched it the Triforce was evil, then the world would become corrupt and evil.
In the age of the Hero of Time, a sorcerous Gerudo King, Ganondorf Dragmire, by means of treachery, force and trickery found his way into the Sacred Realm and attempted to use the Triforce’s power. But his heart was imbalanced, and the Triforce did indeed split, leaving him only with the Triforce of Power and transformed the Sacred Realm into the Evil Realm. Since then, when a new link in the Hero Cycle is brought about, one of the triangles is granted to each of the three in the Hero Cycle; the Triforce of Power to the Villain who would abuse the triforce for their own ends; the Triforce of Wisdom for the Innocent steward of the people, the ruler or heir to Hyrule; and the Triforce of Courage to the Hero, the savior and protector of the Innocent. Each grants mysterious and incredible powers to the bearer.
If the Triforce pieces are ever reunited, the will reform into it’s orginal shape and any present may use its power, regardless of whether or not the virtues in their hearts are balanced.

The Triforce

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