Goddess of Courage, Faore is one of the Three Golden Goddesses


Goddess of Courage, Goddess of Forest, Goddess of Wind, Golden Goddess
Greater Deity
Symbol: An arcane symbol carved into an emerald
Home Plane: Sacred Realm
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Portfolio: Courage, Forest, Wind, Chaos
Worshippers: Hyrulians, Deku plants, Kokiri, air elementals, forest elementals, chaos elementals
Clerical Alignments: Any chaotic
Domains: Plant, Air, Chaos
Favored Weapons: Short sword, Longsword


Name: Faore
Aliases: Goddess of Courage, Goddess of Forest, Goddess of Wind, Golden Goddess
Affiliations: Three Golden Goddesses, Forest, Wind, Hyrule
Physical Description: Faore, unlike her tall siblings, is small, almost child-like in appearance. Her emerald hair, try as she might to tie or pat it, is always wild, frenzied, as though crackling with electricity, as do her gem-like eyes. She looks as wild and unconfined as her elements, dressed in skimpy or revealing clothes that would normally seem to be rags, but seem as though the height of fashion against her soft, medium-toned skin. Preferring greens, browns and greys, Faore chooses clothes that emulate the wild forests and mighty storms.
Faore chooses small, bizarre jewelry that does not interfere with the countless physical excursions she indulges in. Torques, bands, and ribbons cover her, tying down her frayed garments.
Personality: Faore is as wild and unrestrained as the elements she rules. Passionate and impatient to the extreme, she often seems childish, unreasonable, and hopelessly adorable. Despite this, she occasionally shows herself to be intelligent, practical, and sometimes even tranquil. Normally, however, she is prone to powerful outbursts, making decisions on a whim. Free-spirited in the extreme, Faore loves to frolic, running and dancing like leaves in the wind.
Faore’s greatest difficulty is her tendency to act without forethought. Many a time, this has caused her to commit actions she has later regretted, and also to fall into many of her manipulative sister’s, Nayrue’s, traps.
Abilities: Faore is a deity of courage, forest, and wind, and as such, commands all powers respective to that. She is an immortal capable of feats well beyond most mortals, and control the air and living things alike on a whim. She is able to inspire a fierce, recklessness and courage into others, or take it away, leaving them on the brink of death from sheer terror. She is wild and unpredictable, physically strong and imbued with divine speed.
History: Faore is credited as one of the Three Golden Goddesses who created the world. Faore was responsible for creating life, filling the world with plants and animals.


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